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Sinkboss Portable Sink

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Brand Sinkboss

Creator: Niloufar Gabbay - Mom & Physician Assistant

Lightbulb Moment: While traveling with young children, Niloufar came back from a long day at the zoo, needing to wash multiple sippy cups and bottles. She was frustrated because she realized she didn’t have a sanitary place to wash them in a hotel room, or lay them out to dry. She envisioned a portable sink that could both stand on the counter, if allowed enough space, or could be hung on the shower curtain rod while drying.

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Sinkboss is a portable, all-in-one device that lets you wash and dry baby bottles, breast pump equipment, and other kitchenware easily and sanitarily at home, at work, and while traveling.


  • Portable, Lightweight, Compact

  • Perforated wash basin that allows water to freely flow through

  • Creates a Physical Barrier between kitchenware and the potentially contaminated sink basin

  • Pull-Out Legs allow for placement on various platforms

  • Adjustable Hook & Strap System allows for Sinkboss to be hung from various overhead and adjacent structures.



2.14 lbs


10.61 x 12.15 x 2.29 in

Dimensions Open

23.69 x 10.61 x 1.12 in

Key Materials:

Plastic components meet ASTM963-11 requirements. Colander is Food Grade Silicone.



Easy to Store:

Foldable & Compact

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Brand Sinkboss
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