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Product review submission

Our 2019 Your Big Genius Idea submission period has ended. Due to the overwhelming response we received, we have decided to allow ongoing product reviews. These submissions will be reviewed monthly. If our team has interest in discussing your product idea in further detail, you will be contacted. Please do not submit ideas via email or our contact form, they will not be considered. Thank you! 

Do you have a product concept that might be a hit?

- Napkin sketch?  No problem!
- Home-made prototype?  Perfect!
- Heartfelt story behind WHY your product idea came to be?  Even better!

Here are some questions we encourage inventors to ask themselves as they consider going down the path of launching a product: 
- What problem does your idea solve?
- What are the potential benefits?
- How is your idea novel or an improvement on what is currently available in the marketplace?
- Where would this idea be applied?
- What is the market potential?
- How does your idea work?
- How would your product be manufactured?
- How would the production cost compare with products already in the marketplace?