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Flipsi Baby Nipple 2-pk

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Brand Flipsi

Creator:  Chris Plott – Husband, Dad & Medical Device Engineer

                    Jeff Plott – Uncle & Medical Device Engineer

Lightbulb Moment:  With Chris & his wife both working full-time, they struggled transitioning their kids from breast to bottle and hated cleaning multiple bottles after picking them up from daycare. That’s when we thought, “why not make a bottle that flips inside-out!" From there Jeff and Chris made it their mission to design a bottle that eases the transition from breast to bottle and allows for easy cleaning. From this mission flipsi was born.

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Replacement nipples for Flipsi Baby bottles. Each package comes with two (2) natural shaped silicone nipples and are available in four different sizes to grow with your baby.

  • Replacement nipples fit on any Flipsi Baby bottle
  • Each package comes with two (2) natural shaped silicone nipples
  • Four different flow rates available depending on your babies age
  • Meets CPSC safety standards. Made of food grade silicone which is free from BPA, BPS, phthalates, latex, nitrosamines, lead, PVC & PET

*The 0-3 month nipple size is included with all Flipsi Baby bottles. Please start with the lowest flowrate to ensure baby isn't getting too much too fast.

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Brand Flipsi
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