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Baubles + Soles Bauble Pom Pom-Blue Grey

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Creator:  Lisa T.D. Nguyen – Mom to girls + Social Entrepreneur.

Lightbulb Moment:  Lisa was frustrated by the need to buy multiple shoes for her daughters even though they would outgrow them more quickly than they could wear them. The lightbulb moment: "What if I could invent one shoe that could be worn from playgrounds to parties, and styled with every single outfit in the wardrobe?".

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Bauble: a small trinket or treasure

Our interchangeable baubles are cute, fun and easy to use. The patent-pending insert-and-twist lock mechanism can withstand a 30 lb. (13kg) pull-force and requires two steps to disengage, making the baubles safe and secure for precious little soles. 

The method for attaching our baubles is very similar to putting on a child-proof medicine cap. It takes a little practice, but it keeps our little safe. Watch our instruction video here.

Use our shoe baubles to style different outfits and occasions. After all, little soles will change, but baubles are forever.

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